Our mission

To provide cost effective security risk control solutions of the highest standards to our clients

    • We perform our professional duties in accordance with the law and the highest moral principles.
    • We observe the precepts of truthfulness, honesty and integrity as defined in our Values.
    • We are faithful, competent and diligent in discharging our professional duties.​
    • We protect and jealously guard the professional reputation or practice of our peers, management, directors, clients and employees.
    • We do NOT provide false or misleading statements or information​
    • We do NOT engage in any act that violates our Code of Conduct or our Company Values​
    • We do NOT speak out of turn with our client or other stakeholders​
    • We do NOT engage in any act of bribery, corruption or that violates any criminal or civil laws of any jurisdiction
    • We do NOT violate our Disciplinary Rules and Procedures​
    • We do NOT engage in any act of violence or abuse against women or children or those not able to defend themselves​
  • At BRZ we pride ourselves in upholding our RICH set of values, which are used to guide all our employees in the delivery of a wide range of solutions, these include:

    • We believe in Honesty and Integrity, and conducting business at an Ethical level
    • We are Reliable and Apolitical
    • We respect Human Rights, minority groups, and the community at large

Our Approach…


Confirmation of Scope of Work. It is vital for BRZ to understand from the outset the specific requirements of the client. By understanding the Strategic-, Operational and Tactical role for the application of the Force or Group, BRZ can tailor make design, training requirements, recommend the most suitable equipment to utilize and design the most appropriate plan of risk management. BRZ value the operational environment and assets for protection and valuable resources of the client. Therefore BRZ would recommend realistic and suitable areas for real-time operational scenarios.

Once the client have satisfied themselves with BRZ a typical preparation cycle would include: A period required from contract signing until the start of services. This can take up to eight (8) weeks.

Support Services. From its South African based Head Quarters, BRZ supports all its Operational activities e.g. HR, Logistics, administrative, technical support and finance. The support services team ensures the Project have all the personnel and logistical needs to comply with the Project SOW requirements and see to the daily Security operations.

Integrity Disclosure. BRZ provides security protection services and risk management servicesin accordance with world-class standards and industry best practise. BRZ understands the real world challenges of the operational force; therefore we are committed to provide services of the highest quality to any client. “Our most important task is yours”.

Collectively more than 50,000 high-threat mobile protective security operations in Iraq, Afghanistan and other locations.

“Highly skilled security, law enforcement and management personnel.”

  • More than one million man hours of fixed-site security force protection with extensive Front Line Military and Police Experience.
  • Extensive exposure to Hostile and Low Threat Environments
  • Operational environments:
    • Low Intensity Conflicts;
    • War conditions; Special Operations;
    • Seaborne / Maritime Operations;
    • VIP Close Protection; Drug Enforcement;
    • SWAT/EOD/IED Disposal;
    • Civilian Law Enforcement.