our vision

Our Vision

For BRZ-International Ltd to become the service provider and employer of choice for security risk control by ensuring the safety of our clients and employees


BRZ International is committed to provide services of the highest quality to our clients.

BRZ International (BRZ ) focuses on the delivery of security systems, special operations programmes and technologies that are tailor-made to suit our client’s specific requirements. Our experience in military, para-military, law enforcement and corporate security training and operations has allowed our team to earn the reputation of “effective and efficient”. We have extensive experience gained through operations and training in Africa and the Middle East.

As the leader in security and risk management, BRZ integrates the knowledge, skills and expertise of a number of companies in order to be able to provide a solution based upon a specific operational requirement.

Since inception in Nevis in 1987, BRZ has evolved into a globally competitive company offering comprehensive solutions and services in the maritime-, aviation-, public security- and counter terrorism fields.

BRZ has delivered a comprehensive array of services to a diverse client base. These services have included security, training, logistics, technical support, risk management and contingency planning. It has successfully and safely facilitated the development of a number of substantial reconstruction operations in these precarious and hostile environments, providing unique solutions for real time challenges.