Training and Development

training and development

Philosophy and Methodology

All our training is outcome based to ensure that the learner acquires the necessary knowledge, skills and attitude to perform to the required international standards. At leadership training levels, learners are required to display those leadership and organizational skills required at the appropriate level.

BRZ prides itself in the fact that it provides realistic, practical training which integrates a number of teaching methodologies. Training is scenario-based and competency determined on an individual basis for each learner. Where required the certification of teams or units can integrated into the assessment process in order to ensure mission ready organisations as soon as the training has been completed.

BRZ embraces a systems approach to training in accordance with international best practice. Continuous evaluation during each phase of the process ensures that BRZ is able to predict and respond to changing needs and threats. Lessons learnt are quickly considered and where necessary integrated into the training programme to ensure that the outcomes are achieved.

BRZ prides itself in its ability to align its training programmes with its client’s qualifications framework or standards. This ensures that the training presented by BRZ on behalf of our client is aligned with human resource development strategies and national skills development objectives.