Travel Risk Management

travel and risk management

Business travel safety solution

Africa is a dangerous place – business travelers face a variety of risks and threats: natural disasters and disease, personal security, war and terrorism, abduction and assassinations, crime and economic espionage.

Travel risk does not come in neatly bundled packages. The risks and travails of working on the road – short-term long-term assignments – extend from the airport to the office to the surrounding community to the place of stay, and all points in between.

The dramatic examples are many, especially in Africa. But so does another list, one that gets less attention but costs the average company far more than the headline events do: a taxi drivers’ strike in Johannesburg; protest march in Sandton City; laptop theft in Gabarone; blackout in Maputo. These events occur all over every day. Business travelers miss meetings, input the company at risk and, in many cases, spend significant time and money to resolve issues.

With a comprehensive travel risk management strategy, your company can mitigate most of the risk that business travelers and expatriates face abroad, and that can add significant padding to your employees’ safety and security – and to your bottom line.